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My favourite wrinkle.

Lauren Bacall famously said, “I love my wrinkles - I’ve earned every single one of them.”


Trust me, that’s much easier said than done.


I finally did it when I managed to look in the mirror with a sense of awe that I’d actually made it to an age where my face could fall apart.


And I started looking at my reflection as a reflection of all my life experiences both good and bad.


And I fell in love with the deepest line of all.


The ‘what the f**k?’ wrinkle.


Caused by a raised eyebrow.


Carved (ironically) from a lifetime of child-like curiosity.


You see, inside I'm an idealist and am constantly surprised that humans make life so much more complicated than it needs to be.


This is probably due to my complete lack of judgement.


Which I see as just as good a thing as bad.


Especially when to me, a complete lack of judgement is pretty much the only way to recover from one.


When you get to an age where you have scrunch marks on your nose from some majorly bad decisions, you'll be glad you developed laugh lines at being a complete plonker rather than furrowing your brow.


Those wrinkles are really hard to love.







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