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Here's one thing to look forward to in your mid-fifties – those apps that make you look older, make you look pretty much the same. Apparently, the photo above is me in 20 years, I'll take that.


But seriously, I had a bit of a freakout in my mid-thirties because I hadn't planned anything past the age of 35, I thought I wouldn't make it that far. 


But now I'm in my mid-fifties I have a bucket list to the moon.


Some of my plans will work and some will not, but they will all have the same outcome.


I know, I've seen it.


If you've read a few of these articles you will have gathered I have a rather unusual perspective on time, so it's no surprise that I can already see the ultimate version of me, living by the sea working on projects that make the world a better place.


All the years I have spent learning to tell stories and all the stories I've learnt will turn into projects that will help us understand each other better.


While other good people save the environment, solve world hunger, and guard us against dictatorships, I know I will work on projects that help us understand each other's realities.


Otherwise, why would I have been blessed with experiencing radically different versions of my own.


Social media has allowed us to find our tribes and connect with like-minded souls.


But it's also placed us all in warm fuzzy bubbles where we believe everyone feels the same and those with political agendas take advantage of that. I believe it is the duty of every creative communicator to try and burst as many bubbles as possible.


And to create as many realities as we can.

Do you want to create a new reality?



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