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Jane Evans is a highly accomplished and amusing speaker.

Her thirty-year plus advertising career gives a unique insight into how the art of persuasion changes the world.

Particularly when it comes to older women. With lifespans stretching up to and beyond a century, we now have the first women in history who are living beyond our biological purpose en-masse.

Jane passionately believes we are pioneering a new society where women's wisdom will become a valuable commodity.

She recently launched the Uninvisibility project with a social media campaign to tell the stories of inspirational older women. It has become a movement that is growing steadily and has the support of some of the world's most high-profile women.

She is currently writing a book called Uninvisibility. Unleashing the power of older women.

Jane has a lot to offer organisations that are looking for inspiration, motivation, and an alternative view on life and business.

She speaks about the power of older women.

She also talks about the mysteries of time.

She is a futurist with a proven track record and a natural affinity for pattern recognition. Throughout her life, she has met teachers and guides who have shown her some of the secrets to navigating non-linear time. Jane turns these ancient lessons into tangible concepts that can be employed by all types of business.

Jane's life experience has taken her from multi-million dollar property deals to housing benefits and back again. She believes the universe dropped a storyteller into the middle of dangerous, bizarre, and magical situations to give her a real appreciation of freedom. She credits her survival on her unbounded curiosity. And she speaks about how optimism is the key to the future, with practical guides on how to foster optimism throughout whole organisations.

Jane is available for speaking roles and workshop facilitation.

Her fee is between £4,000 and £6,000 per event and she has a strict no-pay no-appearance policy.

Hear Jane speak recently about the Uninvisibility Project.

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