Meet an amazing Group of Humans

The other night I went out with a couple of kids who are doing the slave labour thing at one of the London hot shops. At the end of the evening one said “F**king hell, we’re supposed to be the rebels, you old guys are putting us to shame.”

I thought about it later and realised it has to be us because they have no idea what’s been lost. They’re trying to make their way through an industry that has been remodelled so many times no-one even knows what it is anymore.

That’s why I am very excited to announce Janee is joining a Group of Humans.

Group of Humans is a distributed curated network of the best designers, strategists, technologists, and creatives in the world, all of whom share a belief that technology should be harnessed not for efficiency but for the benefit of people, society and the environment.

Janee has all of a sudden grown from a small virtual agency to a global machine of brilliant minds capable of tackling any challenge.

And they’re passionate about Janee’s challenge to rebrand women over 50.

Everyone talks about the millennials being the new power generation, but they’re not.

We are the first group of women in modern history who hold real power.

We control the majority of consumer spending.

And we’re angry.

Everyone lives safely in their media bubbles so very few know the hubble, toil and trouble going on with older women. Circles are being formed everywhere from the C Suite to the school gates, we are putting our gender ahead of our agendas and working together because this isn’t the world we fought so hard to build for our kids.

The millennials.

And we still need to fight for them, these are old scores to settle. The battle axes are on the warpath with an army of men, women and children - rebelling, rebuilding and reimagining with a hell of a lot of love.

Janee is now part of an army of some of the greatest thinkers and doers on the planet, a group of humans who aren’t just talking about change they’re damn well making it happen.

Joe Strummer would be proud!

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