The boys can keep their precious awards.

Any feminist worth their salt would question the segregation of men and women when entering a synagogue.


It was certainly my first question when my spiritual quest led me to kabbbalah and I was ushered to the right.


My teacher said that the women sit separately because they don't need the spiritual correction from the sin of the golden calf.


They chose to wait for Moses to come back with the word of God and refusing to give their jewels to the build a golden bull.


Not a lot's changed.


Ask a creative man about the rewards of his career and he'll most likely boast about his Gold Lion or his or his little Gold pencil.



But you get a very different story from women. They talk about clients ignoring the media department and running ridiculously long ads because they loved them so much.


Or women running onto stores clutching screwed up black and white newspaper ads.







Jane Evans is a senior creative available for creative opportunities,

consulting, and coaching in London and Sydney.

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