Women over 50 control £5.27 trillion in the UK.

But nobody knows how to talk to us.

Women in ads go from spotty teen to vixen, to career woman, to young mother… 

...Then it jumps to the white-haired woman awaiting death.

There is one simple reason for this: Finding a woman over 50 in an advertising agency creative department is almost impossible.

janee a creative resource of brilliant older creative women from around the globe who want to change how major brands communicate with and portray the most powerful consumer group on the planet. Us.

Stronger, bolder and wiser than ever.

We know the world loves beautiful young girls (we certainly enjoyed being them back when). But the perception that this is the most powerful time in a woman’s life is absolute nonsense.

There is nothing more powerful than a woman who’s experienced all of life’s challenges, who’s loved and lost, fought and won (or learned), taught, healed, and guided.

We know it’s impossible to see this unless you reach it, so we understand why you portray us as the same old stereotypes and airbrush out our wrinkles. 

But please, let us show you how to really talk to us…

The radical new blue-rinse set.

They say women grow more radical with age. Watch out!

We grew up in the most explosive, creative, and disruptive times. We had great music, art and culture. And we had the best advertising. 

We really miss that.

We also really miss being spoken to as if we know what’s going on in the world. We’re far more tech savvy than you give us credit for. 

And we’re not as old as you make out. We’re certainly not all grannies, many of us still have school-age children and with things being so tough for the younger generation empty nesting is a distant dream for most of us. Naturally, some of us are not mothers at all.

It really isn't all about us

Women may make 85% of the purchasing decisions (but the blokes don’t know that).

The boys we grew up with and the men we have loved haven’t changed. Because we know that no matter how old you get in your mind you still feel 28.

Who better to communicate to a mature male audience than the women who understand them best? And, if we get a brief that the old guys will be into, we’ll get them onto it.

But even more important than the men we love – are the kids we love. There is nothing we hate more than brands pitching us against them and vice versa.

We know how brilliant and valuable millennials are, after all, we made them!

Diversity is just a buzz word

We know diversity is the 'thing' at the moment. But we’ve heard it all before (inclusion, anyone?) So we won’t be taking part in any ‘feel good’ initiatives.

We’ll just keep carrying on being what we’ve always been. Diverse!

And yes, we know there’s no such thing as a black female ad creative over 50, but we have storytellers, not fake-ass brand storytellers – the real thing!

Disrupting since 1975

Jane Evans was one of the first girls to do woodwork at school.

She has launched almost every major tech advancement since the tech giants were start-ups.

Janee created the first ad to ever show a divorced couple. The first to show a couple living together. And the first to show men doing housework effectively.

She created James Squire, Australia’s first craft beer brand that now holds 30% of the market and she conceived the much-loved Tim Tam genie campaign that still runs after 25 years.

She has run her own business since 1995 with clients like Revlon, Maserati, Guide Dogs, and too many breweries to count.

She’s still winning awards.

Who else could manifest such a radical new creative movement?

We're really easy to  work with.

They say women over 55 make the best bosses imagine working with a company filled to the brim with them?

We work with clients on a project basis. This can be any creative communication challenge that directly speaks to an audience over 50 or where some real woman’s wisdom is required.

We only work on projects where we can make a difference.

Janee is a member of the Group of Humans,  a distributed curated network of the best designers, strategists, technologists, and creatives in the world, all of whom share a belief that technology should be harnessed not for efficiency but for the benefit of people, society and the environment.


Oh, and this is how we'd sell a funeral plan.

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