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Me and Martin go head-to-head.

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Sir Martin Sorrell is in the news again, he's starting a new business. So am I.


He's a 74-year-old married father of three who's worth £495m.


I'm a 56-year-old single mother of two who's worth about £4.95.


He believes the future is data.


I believe the future is creativity.


Game on!


Now, I have no idea of Mr Sorrell's motivations but I suspect they are money and salvaging a tarnished reputation.


I'm here to prove the over-50 market is enormous, fun and massively profitable, that post-menopausal women are more powerful and creative than anyone ever imagined, and the most valuable asset in our industry is – and always will be – our ideas.


I like looking into the future and totally see the world Martin's putting his chips on. He'll make a fortune. But it is a future where machines do almost everything.


Yes, even the creative.


AI is already so advanced that machines can write more effective selling copy than humans. There go all the average copywriters.


Almost every layout is templated these days and are better than an average art director can produce.


Machines can see, hear and understand what people are doing, wearing and thinking.


Everyone will have insights. The same insights. The same copy. The same templates.


Brands that want to stand out will need some real magic - the sort of magic that only comes from the weirdness of a creative's brain.


I defy any machine to write the above ad. An idea that could only come from actual experience and a font choice so genuine the last time I used it I had to Letraset it.


However, believe it or not, I'm excited about Martin's plans. To me, they are just like the age of reality TV – raw, addictive and money-making. Everyone can do what Big Brother's doing and they will.


I'm champing at the bit because reality TV got the creatives so angry we got The Marvellous Mrs Maisel.


So, while Martin and his machines cater to the millennials to gain brand loyalty (that they generally don't buy), we're going to talk to the people who understand the power of persuasion, enjoy a good laugh, and love being made to think.


Both markets are almost identical in size. But one spends a damned sight more!


And we'll use our experience, craft skills, mastery, and cunning plans to turn things upside down.


As my Grandmother always said, "I've been your age, you've never been mine." Martin's target market had to google David Bowie when he died, we've been along for the ride since the Laughing Gnome.


Millennials may be the digital natives - but we're the original early adopters.


We're going to bring about the golden age of advertising.


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